The April issue of GQ magazine contains, among other cool articles, a lovely reportage on cock-fighting.
With my collaborator in this proj, the very talented writer Vivek Nemana, something very interesting came out.
And I had the chance to explore a slightly different style of art, which carefully followed our research in the subject.
Thought I’d add a few illustrations done for GQ along with a photo taken during our research.
Big thanks to the editor Dave Besseling for the super-cool proj.
gq-1 gq-2 gq-3 gq-4DSCN2826

Ghosts in Kolkata!

Ghosts of Kingdoms Past
Yes, that’s the name of my latest graphic novel, published in feb 2016, by Penguin.
The topic is simple – adventures of a British paranormal expert who comes to the city of Kolkata, looking hither and thither for ghosts and spirits. And when after myriad efforts, he’s frustrated beyond further exploration, guess who he meets up with.
Thought i’d add a few of the pages of the GN here.

pg26 pg32 pg33 pg35 pg55 pg59
And here’s some of the coverage by some cool magazines and newspapers.
Penguin, Business Line, New Delhi, Mar1916 Creme Magazine, March 2016, Pg-70

There have been times when I have started comics ( call ’em graphic novels if you will ), but never went on to complete them…
One of these would be ‘Pollutant’, which was a graphic novel based on the novel written by a good friend Zac O’Yeah.
And the other would be ‘Nightmare Alley‘, scripted by my dear wife Anuja.
These projects stopped because of lack of time and publishing houses, but here’s to hoping that they get a chance again.

pollutant-pga pollutant-pgb pollutant-pgc

Nightmare Alley
nightmare-pga nightmare-pgb nightmare-pgc

Last year, a good friend of mine, Vivek Goel,  asked me to do the artwork for 1 issue of his comic series ‘Aghori’ and a few pages for the precious issue.
The scripting was done by a good friend Ram Venkatesan.
Have a look at the artwork for a few pages of the issues ( 10 and 11 ) that I did the artwork for. Cheers!
aghori-issue10-pga aghori-issue10-pgb aghori-issue11-pga aghori-issue11-pgb

Since last year, I have started taking on our well-known Shirshendu Chakraborty’s novels for the younger generation ( which actually stand as amazing bits of reading for all ages ) , in order to create graphic novels from them, for the well-known publisher “Starmark’. In 2014, the work started off with the first graphic novel ‘Chakrapurer Chakkare’ being published. This was scripted, and the artwork, lettering and colors were done by me. Do have a look at some of the pages below.  < In 2015, another graphic novel is to be published again, by the end of the year. For this one, I kept out of scripting to focus on art and colors. 🙂 >
chakrapurer-chakkare-pgfchakrapurer-chakkare-pga  chakrapurer-chakkare-pgechakrapurer-chakkare-pgbchakrapurer-chakkare-pgc chakrapurer-chakkare-pgd

One of my recent set of illustrations was done for Hindustan Times, to go with a nice funny article written by a good friend and well-known author Samit Basu. Have a look! 🙂
pic1-lores pic2-lores pic3-lores

Sketch Time Cometh

In recent times, apart from my work on my graphic novels and a comic series, I’ve tried to move back into the field of sketching too…
Here are a few sketches done recently…
the great Messi for a good friend Kaustav,
Jeremy Clarkson for Caricaturama Showdown 3000,
the Indian Idols sketch done when they were dropping by Siliguri to play for a good cause – the Darjeeling landslide relief
and a birthday sketch for a good friend Soumik Sen…
add to that some earlier sketches…
Mogambo and Abid Surti for the Comic Con friends,
sketches of Van Gogh and Disney,
an illustration for the Gray Angels ad house,
2 pictures for Kingfisher for their IPL work,
a sketch of kolkata to be out soon in a graphic novel
and a sketch featuring ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy for Caravan magazine.



messi-sketch-harsho-lores jeremy-clarkson indian-idol-lores lores-soum-poster
mogambo-zombieabid-surti-13van-gogh-loresdisney-loresfb-rcb-loreskingfisher-mi-2013kolkata-new-sketchgray angels-pic2-loresfantasy-ill1-lores