My latest graphic novel – ‘Kolkata Kaleidoscope’ – recently got launched at the Kolkata Book Fair at the end of January in 2015. Thought I’d share a few pages of it here on my Comic Zone. 🙂

kol-kal-cover-loreskolkata-kaleidoscope-pgc  kolkata-kaleidoscope-pga kolkata-kaleidoscope-pgb


The recently published ‘Chakrapurer Chakkare’ got some more coverage, this time in the Times of India.
Here’s the cutout of the article, written by Shounak. Thanks also to my JU buddy Shubhayu.

The project for ‘Chakrapurer Chakkare’ finally ended, after a 8 month work-period and 3 months follow-up period.
The Launch was at South Point High, and Starmark is planning another smaller meet soon , so good news all around.
The graphic novel is out there, and for all to see. I did the script, artwork, lettering and ( happily ) colors here, so feeling relieved,
as this is clearly my best work ever.
Here’s a look at the article by friend Sreejita on the graphic novel, that just came out day before in the Bangalore Mirror.

Hockey Times

Another article on Amar Chitra Katha’s ‘Dhyanchand’, by Suruchi Tulsyan from Hindustan Times, for HT City Kolkata.
It came out in September ’13.
You can check it out right here. 🙂

Off the Cuff

Some art is always created on the spur of the moment, just like that, to satisfy an inner urge or to reach out to some group / community that we feel a part of.
The artworks you see below, created the last week all belong to that same category – all created just like that, without previous planning.
One of them is an entry to a Hellboy fan-art contest, to honour the creation of the great Mike Mignola.
The next a poster done for an inter-alumni cricket match arranged by ALSOC, the St. Xavier’s Kolkata alumni association.
Another a poster done for a friend Edward Chern, for his play about to run in one of the New York theatres.
The last a poster sketch for the film ‘Gulaab Gang’, directed by friend and Xavier’s senior Soumik Sen.
Have a look, enjoy, and any thoughts and comments are welcome. 🙂
hellboy-lores poster-lores lores-poster gu-ga-sketch-lores-harsho

a good friend – sreejita biswas, from the bangalore mirror, took my interview on the ‘dhyanchand’ comic published by ack not too long ago.it was also nominated for around four awards at the recently concluded comic con awards in delhi. one of the categories was ‘best artist’.
have a look at the article.


Just created the 3rd page of the kumartuli chapter
of the kolkata graphic novel i am working on.
here, have a look, folks!